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Dr. Ryan Shephard

Dr. Ryan Shephard is the father of 2 sons and 1 daughter and cultivates a love of music in addition to his extensive work in orthopedics.

Pain Management and Care After Injury

This site is an effort to help those who are living with pain or in recovery from injury. The truth of the matter is, given a certain set of unfortunate circumstances, we are all extremely vulnerable to injury, whether it’s during our daily commutes to work, whether it’s walking under that scaffolding while talking on the cell phone, or even by slipping and falling.

The Fragility of the Human Body

The human body is amazing, but it’s still vulnerable. And when we get injured we open the floodgates for additional problems, whether that be during surgery or while in recovery.

Consider the human hip for a moment. The hip joint located between the femur and the pelvis has the primary function of supporting your body weight, as well as retaining balance, and promoting movement. As we advance in age, the hip experiences excessive wear and tear. Many patients require hip surgery later in life to stay mobile. Pain in the hip can be due to causes from the nervous system, osteoarthritic, trauma, and even genetics.

Responsible Pain Medication and Pain Management

Many patients require pain medication for their injuries and postoperative care, no matter where in the body this pain occurs — it’s only natural. What’s important is to make sure that the patient is as comfortable as humanly possible, but also that medication is allocated responsibly and in a conservative matter. If medication is prescribed and taken irresponsibly, there is a serious risk for drug abuse and even full-blown addiction.

Pain management can be a tricky subject, because everyone registers pain differently and everyone has different thresholds and pain tolerances. Some people are vehemently opposed to opioids — and understandably so. There’s a serious opioid epidemic going on around us and nobody wants to become a part of that.

But there’s still the matter of getting back to active. After an injury, a patient wants to get back to health, back to the way they were.

Dr. Ryan Shephard takes special care to work with patients and to provide materials and information to his readership that help patients get back to active. Visit this site for the latest pain management and injury recovery information.