5 Reasons You Should Think About the Anterior Approach

As medicine has advanced so has procedures and methodologies. The same is true for hip replacement surgery, culminating in more and more minimally-invasive techniques, such as The Anterior Approach to hip replacement surgery.

Below are a few reasons to consider the anterior approach.

1.) Because it’s Minimally-Invasive

The anterior hip replacement consists of minimally-invasive techniques, which allow for surgeons like Dr. Ryan Shephard to work intricately and delicately between muscles and tissues. The best part is that we can do this without detaching muscles and tissues from the thigh or hip bone.

2.) Because Overuse Can Happen to Anyone

You may think you’re impervious to injury, but your everyday activities might be doing a lot of wear and tear when it comes to your ball-and-socket hip joint. The anterior approach is a great option for those looking to get the benefits of surgery with far less downtime.

3.) Less Painful Recovery

When compared to more traditional forms of hip replacement surgery, the anterior approach is potentially less painful and requires less downtime, boasting improved post-operative pain scores among patients surveyed.

4.) Because the Anterior Approach is Conservative

The anterior approach to hip replacement surgery is the most conservative in nature, doing the least damage to muscle and surrounding tissue, requiring the smallest and least amount of incisions possible.

5.) Because You Have a Life to Get Back To

Whether you’re enjoying retirement or staying on the grind, you want to get back to the action as soon as possible. With the anterior approach you’ll enjoy far less pain, far less downtime, and you’ll be able to get back to active in no time.

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